fishing new jersey, flounder, striper, atlantic city
Capt. Scott Newhall
Absecon, NJ

Time Out Charters fishing back bay and nearshore waters of the South Jersey Coast.  Catch Fish with Capt. Scott Newhall in the waters near Atlantic City, Brigantine, Margate, Ocean City and Long Beach Island.

Let's go Fishing!

Call Time Out Charters at 609-569-1601 to book a fun, safe and memorable trip.

We'll put you on the fish!

kids catch tooDoormat Fluke Caught on Time Out Charters

Catch Stripers near Atlantic City and Brigantine in the Calm Back Bay Waters!

atlantic city fishing for large flounder

sharks in new jersey

Lots of fishing action put a bend in your fishing rod.

Capt Scott Newhall catches nice striped bass and a variety of other species.

Let's go fishing for flounder, bluefish, striped bass, weakies, etc!Capt Scott Newhall can put you on the fish!

kids love sharks

Stripers and Blues can be caught aboard time out charters.

bluefish and floundernear shore croakers in New Jersey

crabs, crabbing, crabpotsflounder, fluke, keepers

Striped Bass in NJ watersBluefish caught in NJ waters

Mahi Mahi caught off Atlantic City

Flounder fishing in New Jerseycroakers right off the beach!

Flounder caught near Atlantic City, NJ

Hammerhead Shark

children welcome time out charters

Catch lots of flounder on Time Out Charters

tautog in the fall

flounder fishing at its best

flounder, fluke, fishing charter

fluking, flounderingstriper fishing

There is lots of fishing action aboard time out charters!

children catch too

Striped Bass, Striper, Fishing Charters

Catch Striper, Flounder, Bluefish, Weakfish and many more!Striper or striped bass are lots of fun to catch!

Kids welcome!  Have a great time flounder fishing!!Catch various species!  Sharks, too!

Large doormat flounder are caught aboard Time Out Charters Large flounder are caught in the waters near Atlantic City, Brignantine, Longport and Margate

striped bass, stripers are prevalent in the fall

Catch lots of flounder in the waters near Atlantic City and Brigantine! Catch fluke about time out charters while enjoying the Jersey Shore!

weakfish, sea trout fluke, flounder in Southern New Jersey

You can even bird watch from our charters! bird watching

Catch Fluke, Striper, Blues, Sharks, etc.  Great Fishing for Fluke, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakies, Sharks, etc!

Striped Bass in New Jersey Bluefish caught with Time Out Charters, Absecon, New Jersey

Have a blast fishing for flounder, stirped bass, sharks, blues and weakfish! Bring the family for a funfilled day on the water!

Striper in Southern New Jerseybluefish in Southern New Jersey

Fish for huge flounder with time out charters! Flounder, Striped Bass, Weakfish, Croakers. Etc.

Striper Fishing in Southern New JerseyTog Fishing in Southern New Jersey

Catch huge fluke at the jersey shore! Catch doormat flounder near long beach island, ventnor, margate and longport!

Time Out Charters offers fishing in Southern New Jersey for flounder, striper, weakfish, bluefish, sharks, tautog and more!

Tog in the spring caught on Time out Charters, Southern New Jersey

Capt Scott Newhall will put you on the fish! Come enjoy the scenic waterways near Atlantic City, Brigantine and Margate.


kids catch too!  Fluke in south jersey!stripers in the back bay near brigantine, nj

family fishingcroakers

Blues Fluke

doormat flounder flounder and fluke fishing

striper striped bass

Fluke Fishingfun fishing for flounder

Flounder fluke time out charters

tautog back bay fishing

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Capt. Scott Newhall
Absecon, New Jersey
fishing new jersey, flounder, striper, atlantic city